Beijing Olympics
In 2001, the IOC approved Beijing to host the Olympic games in 2008. This is a tremendously exciting event. Not only is it the first time that China has been honored with the Olympics, as host country, they have the opportunity to demonstrate a new event. Hopefully Wushu will be an Olympic sport in 2008.
In hopes of Olympic Wushu, Kungfu Qigong's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration will be raising funds to benefit the U.S.A. Olympic Wushu Team. Proceeds from the sales of our commemorative items, our special auction, our party, and donations will be special fund earmarked for the team. If you would like to make a donation or contribution a special item for auction, please contact us. For more information on Wushu and the 2002 Olympics, click to our E-zine for Beijing Olympics.