Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims

Martial Arts Benefit for Quake VictimsOn May 12th, 2008, a devastating earthquake struck Sichuan, China. The loss of life and property was tremendous. Two days later, a group of concerned individuals met and formed the Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims Organizing Committee. In only eleven days, the committee called upon leading local martial artists and produced the Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims, a fundraising performance. The performance was held on Saturday May 24th, 2008 at the Ultimate Internationals. The Ultimate Internationals is a Tiger Claw Elite Championship Qualifier, organized by Ray and Debbie Delgado. With their kind cooperation, Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims performed to a sold-out audience at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. The benefit raised $72,178.39. This contribution was donated to the Shin Shin Educational Foundation Sichuan Earthquake Special Fund, which will dedicate it towards building new schools in Sichuan.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of our performance DVD Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims is donated to the ongoing Sichuan Quake Victims fund.

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For the children of Sichuan, thank you for your support.

On May 12, 2009, the first anniversary of the Sichuan Quake, the Tiger Claw Foundation is pleased to report raising an additional $1,267.00 for the Sichuan Earthquake Special Fund, bringing the total contribution to $73,445.39.

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$500 – Dave Pickens, USA AAU

Benefit Supporters

Organizing Committee: Albert Chang, Tony Chen, Gene Ching, Rose He, Li Shudong, Gigi Oh, Betty Yuan, Kris Wang.

May 24th Benefit Performance Sponsors: Ben's ShaolinKung Fu, Chin's Martial Arts Academy, Dynamic Martial Arts, East West Academy of Healing Arts, He Nan Chuang Jia, Hong Dao Wushu Academy, Hung-Sing Goon, Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, KungFuDirect, Li's Wushu Academy, KCNS 38 (Chinese TV),,, North Valley Chinese School, Northern California Chinese Culture-Athletic Federation, Pan-China Alliance, USA , Richard Lee's East-West Kung Fu, San Francisco Wushu Team, Shaolin Kungfu Zen, Shaolin Temple USA, Sue & Kathy Line Dance, Sunflower Learning Center, Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy, Tiger Claw, USA Kung Fu Studio, USA Tai Chi Culture Association, USA O-Mei Kung Fu Academy, USA Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy, World Tai Chi Day, Wushu Tai Chi Center, Wushu West, Zhang Lingmei Wushu Academy, 111, 99 Power Qigong

May 24th Benefit Performance Donations in-kind
Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions of goods and services to our May 24th Benefit Performance:  Berkeley Farms, Coiling Dragon Internal Arts Association, Dragon Door Publications, East West Academy of Healing Arts, JW Foundation, Kee Fung Ng Gallery, Arthur Ku, Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, KungFuDirect, New York San Da, Gigi Oh, 99 Power Qigong

May 24th Benefit Performance Volunteers: Raymond Agan, Ariane Alexander, Doris Chan, Janet Chang, Chen Lei Yang, Janice Cheng, Norma Chinn, Gloria De Vall, Christopher Do, Melissa Do, Tom Duke, Greg Hebert, Gurdeepta Kaur, Zachary Kodjo, Vivian Kurashima, Greg Lynch, Mary Malkin, Mao Qijing, Daniel Marx, Peter Norman, Ti Pence, Shu Ling, Elizabeth Tanner, Von Lindenberg, Aiko Watanabe, David Wierdsma

May 24th Benefit Performers (in order of appearance): Benís Shaolin Kung Fu, Zhang Lingmei Wushu Academy, Wushu West, J.D. Zhang: King of Masks, Richard Lee Demonstration Team, Tat Wong Kung Fu Team, James Chin, Pure Shaolin Kung Fu, Hong Dao Wushu Demonstration Team, Zhao Bao Tai Chi, Daniel Weng, San Francisco Wushu Team, Wang Kejian, Shaolin Temple U.S.A., Tiger Claw Elite Champions, Eddie Yuan & Larry Yong, Dino Salvatera, Alex Tao, Dynamic Martial Arts of Arizona, Li Shu Dong Demonstration Team, Tu Jin-Sheng, U.S. Wu Chi Kung Fu Demonstration Team, Zhang Xinyi, Emilio Alphanseque, U.S.A. O-Mei Kung Fu Demonstration Team, May Chen Tai Chi Fitness, Shaolin Kung Fu Chan.

The Tiger Claw Foundation and the Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims gratefully acknowledges Ray and Debbie Delgado for their cooperation with this project.

Donations (updated June 5th, 2008) Through their generous contributions, the individuals listed below are serving as leaders in the community. The Tiger Claw Foundation gratefully acknowledges their support.

    video provided by Cassandra Fung
  • $100
    Thomas Chew, Sumalee Kiattinant "Jam", Gren Muphy, Troy & Sabrina Reicherter, Suthee Tritasavit

  • Over $100 to $299
    Aik-Thye & Hua-Yan Wee, Alan & Julie Wong, Amy Tsai Lu, Andrea Chan, Bruce Wong & Karen Hamai, Byron Pak, Chin Pyng Tzeng & Shaynie Chang, Chiou Ju Family Trust, Elin & Wei Chin, Emily Banh, Felix & Mary Chi Chandler, James Wang & Keqin Zheng, Jennie Lum, Jimmy & Lily Chi, Justin Eggert & Weiping He, Lawrence Pan, Lenny Chen & Michelle Gui, Lily Lau, May & Larry Jew, Michael Pejza & Susan Wong, National Chinese Wushu Asso., Pac Thong & Kim Chi Diep, Paula Bailey, Peter Tate & Danielle Ann Jensen, Raymong & Ramona Ma, Shijie Wang, Steve & Amy Cho, Sumalee Kiattinant "Jam", Suthee Tritasavit, Thomas Chew, Troy & Sabrina Reicherter , Gren Muphy, Robert L. Hickman, Sheila E. Cauldwell, P. & S. Lam, Shung Kui L Ng, Sharon Juang & Paul Chiu, Vu Do & Melissa Do, Annie Liu, Bobby & Cathy Chao, Chiang Chin Su & Mei Hui Chu, Chung-Song & Jian-Pyng Chen, Chy Lin Liu, Cynthia Shen Shailendra Rastogi, Fred & Melody Jair, James & Anita Li Chung, James Chew, Robert Teng, Shih Chen, Celina Chao & Chu lien Huang.

  • $300-$999
    Peggy Shih, Tammy & Nai-ting Hsu, Lisa Cheung, et al, Isabel Chiu & Co., LLP, Larry Enoksen, Rucy Kao & Fang Fang

  • $1000-$1999
    Jaw-Min & Bih-Yueh Tzeng Chang, Kris Wang, Patricia & Alexander Chao, Ling Ku, East West Academy of Healing Arts

  • $2000-$2999
    Hui-Chen Kuo, Cathy C. & David D. Tsang

  • $3000 and above
    May Chen Tai Chi Fitness & Health